Saturday, March 29, 2014

The Problem with Priesthood Protests

I have been frustrated and confused by the members who are protesting the fact that women aren't in the priesthood. I believe they are putting themselves in a dangerous position. When we joined the church, we made covenants to follow the Lord Jesus Christ in all things. That includes the running of His church.  Do we really believe a bunch of dissatisfied women running around complaining is going to change the Lord's mind?  Do you think He will sit in heaven and say, "Oh, look, most of the women wore purple to the women's session in protest tonight, we should completely change the plan of salvation and eternity to satisfy them?"

Here's the danger. Their problem isn't with the brethren. It's with the Lord. They are rejecting the design of God, not Thomas S. Monson.  There are many passages on the Priesthood in our scriptures. I want to draw your attention to one. Doctrine & Covenants 84. Joseph Smith had just delineated the importance of the men receiving the priesthood, but then he says something very interesting.  Remember he has always taught that women receive the same spiritual blessings as men.

"And also all they who receive the priesthood, receive me, saith the Lord; for he that receiveth my servants receiveth me." vs. 35-36
We, who are not a part of the priesthood, are called  to receive them, meaning to believe in and accept their authority.  In so doing, we acknowledging the authority of the Savior. To do otherwise, is to say we know better than God.

Here is my advice (such as it is) to women who desire the priesthood. First, go to your Heavenly Father. Tell Him you are willing to honor your covenants and follow Him. Ask Him to give you a testimony of the priesthood. If you go with a sincere heart, it will come. Secondly, ask Him to show you His plan for women. I will tell you, it is beautiful. It is fulfilling. It is authoritative (in case you're still worried about that). Thirdly, get busy doing what He has truly called you to. I firmly believe if the women in the church were busy doing the callings they've already received, they'd have little desire for the priesthood. Ladies, let's serve where we're planted, and support our brethren in the callings they've received. Those of you who have been mothers know how hard it is to do what is best for your children when they are fighting you. Though they are not our parents, how hard we make it for the brethren to serve us, when we spend all our time fighting them.

I do not ignore the fact that some men, not the majority by any means, have abused their roles. Ladies, the verses condemning these men are some of the strongest in scripture. No one has a higher regard for women than the Lord does. Trust Him.


Mama Rachel said...

EXCELLENT post!!! Thank you for stating things so plainly, but kindly and humbly.

Amen, amen, and AMEN.


Birrd said...

So well-spoken (one would not expect anything else from you!)

I have read a lot of articles on this lately, but your angle is different. I like how you said "look to the scriptures." People are pointing to the revelation on blacks receiving the Priesthood as precedent for a possible change, but that revelation did not change existing scripture.

Anyway, you are awesome. The end.

Camie Madsen said...

Beautifully said! I completely agree. I think it's sad that so many women are confused by our wonderful roles in our Heavenly Father's plan.

Anonymous said...

Great post!! xo

Stacey Raymond said...

Wow. I didn't know. One thing you said was "We, who are not a part of the priesthood,..." It is true that I don't hold the authority of the priesthood, but every time I participate in any ordinance, or feel the companionship of the Holy Ghost; I feel like I am a part of priesthood. Without the priesthood we wouldn't have a church, so just being a part of the church is being a part of the priesthood to me. Thank you for writing about this topic.

Flora J said...

Wait. Those protesting wore purple? I wonder what color I was wearing. Way to mess up my wardrobe choices.

Flora J said...
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