Thursday, June 26, 2008

I wish.....

Don't get too disappointed when most of these aren't spiritual.....I'm in a very human mood right now.

  • That I didn't have to vaccum three times a day
  • That I could lose this last ten pounds
  • That I could take my children to the dentist (that really should be number one)
  • That I wasn't completely exhausted all the time
  • That doctors didn't have to "practice" medicine so much
  • That I could be completely sure about a major life decision I'm making
  • That....well, this one's a secret

What I'm grateful for:

  • That I have four wonderful children to vaccum up after
  • That God has allowed me to lose some of my weight
  • That even though I can't take them to the dentist they seem to have healthy teeth
  • That I'm exhausted serving the ones I love
  • That I have doctors that care (that hasn't always been the case)
  • That I can trust the Holy Spirit to guide me
  • That....well, still a secret

1 comment:

Jennifer said...

What an encouraging post! You have such a good perspective on your struggles. Thanks for sharing.