Saturday, July 5, 2008

Thank you to.....

  • Dan and Kathryn Samons- for always making sure I have enough groceries to feed my children. You truly live that verse, "When I was hungry you gave me something to eat."

  • Jennifer Rahman- for thinking I'm smart and funny, loving me even though I don't like pop music (although you do keep trying), and being an all around great encourager.

  • Christine Franklin- for letting me sing with Ladies Ensemble all these years and give voice to what is in my heart.

  • Neil Rutman- for his much treasured friendship, putting up with my never ending questions (even the ones I keep repeating-well, most of them anyway), teaching my children and helping my son live out his dream, always buying my girls dolls when he travels, taking us all on our first horseback ride, and the many pints of strawberries you've given us.

  • Vicki Lorimer- for fasting and praying with me.

  • Ken and Amber Singleton- for the nicest vehicle I've ever driven let alone owned, taking me out to dinner, and Joshua Bell tickets (I still can't believe I actually got to see him play).

  • Rex Bell, Billy Gaye Viner, and Jim McMurray- for enabling me to earn money and still be home to raise my children. I'll take as much work as you're willing to give me.

  • Jane Bell- for a birthday dinner, putting up with a very selfish mood, and making my girls those beautiful dresses.

  • Jennifer Manasco- for arranging for me to get my first violin and live out a life long dream. Have I ever told you how much I love your laugh? I haven't forgotten about all the beautiful clothes you've given me either.

  • Stacy Asher- for listening to me, letting me listen to you, and always thinking I'm better than I really am.

I know I've left someone out. Please forgive me. Looking at this list, I can't believe how blest I am.


Jennifer said...

Loving you and laughing at you are some of the easiest things I do! :) Thank YOU for putting up with ME!

Gina said...

Jennifer laughs at you, too? So nice to know I'm not alone in that. ;)

Annmarie said...

OK Jennifer and Gina, it's supposed to be laughing WITH me not AT me. ; )

Jennifer said...

WITH... Yeah, that's what I meant... :)

Anonymous said...

Great Idea!!!

Jerry Rogers