Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Assignment 2 completed!

Well, amidst more illnesses than I can count spread out between four children (they do like to share) and God blessing me with extra work, I've finally gotten my second assignment turned in for my writing course. I had to write a novel synopsis which entailed a 1500 word plot and main character synopsis, a market rationale, and a list of potential publishers to my instructor.
I can't believe I actually got it done. Now that I have I am so completely excited to actually get to do the writing. Of course, that still has to wait because my next assignment is a chapter by chapter outline. Not as much fun as the actual writing of course, but handy to have when your brain just can't remember what was supposed to come next.
We start school on Monday so I'm nervous about juggling it all. Somehow, though, God always enables us to manage, doesn't He? If you think about it, pray for Dillon. He leaves for his first youth group trip tomorrow. He's stoked, but mom's terrified!


Jennifer said...

He'll have a great time on that canoe trip. Alyssa loved it last year. Congrats on getting that assignment done, too. I'm glad you guys are feeling better.

boo4baby said...

I am just now getting to see your blog. I think I found it once before, but I need to add it to my daily blogs that I check out. Although you will have to post more than you are now! :) I hope Dillon is enjoying his time in youth group. I saw him Wednesday night and wondered how it was liking it. I miss seeing you, but hope you are doing well.

Annmarie said...

Dillon is enjoying his time in youth group. At times the music is a little overwhelming to him. He loves the teaching and all the social activities though.

I'll try to post more often, but between homeschooling, two part time jobs, housework, child rearing, and the course I'm in there just isn't much time. To be quite honest when I get a few minutes, I take a nap.
miss seeing you too.