Thursday, May 6, 2010

On my way to the temple

I go to the temple in two days to get my endowments. I have been looking forward to this day for so long. My dear friend Wally wrote me a few weeks back pointing out that as I get closer to the temple I should expect challenges. He was even thoughtful enough to list a few:
  • My children's health and well being were threatened. (My oldest son was diagnosed with a mass on his heart. Just so you know, we recently found out the mass should not be life threatening. We'll just keep and eye on it.)

  • My home was broken into. The theif/theives took everything I use to make my living.

  • A drunk from my neighborhood showed up on my porch one evening to tell me he's been thinking about me and thinks I'm beautiful. (Why can't eligible, worthy LDS men tell me that?) This man showed up again this week to yell at me for a bit. Thankfully he didn't stay long.

  • Added stress: financial worries, children plugging up pipes, needs I can't meet, more than the usual child messes and destruction.

  • Unexpected temptations

  • An old friend who consistently causes me pain.

  • Now I'm sitting in bed sick.

I'll say this much. Even if I have a 104 degree fever, I am going to the temple. It is too important to me. I can't wait to learn. I'm excited about passing out family names to the people who are coming with me. I'm excited about sitting in the celestial room with my friends as they try to answer my questions. I sure hope I can remember everything.

Don't you think it is wonderful that our Heavenly Father provides a place for us where the veil is at least slightly thinner? A place where we can sit and listen to the Spirit and make convenants that help us on our journey? I think the temple is a little like a refuge away from home. I don't know if I'll be able to hear the Spirit with less effort there or not, but I will at least give it a valiant effort.

Only two days left to wait. I'm praying the kids don't completely destroy the place while I'm trying to get well enough to attend comfortably.


Lisa said...

Hang in there Annmarie! You are so wonderful. After the trials come the blessings. My good friend always says, "This too shall pass or I'll DIE . . . so far it's always passed!"

Anonymous said...

Annmarie, although it's already passed this day for you, and you have already entered the temple of our Heavenly Father, I am so blessed to have read this blog of yours. I am just so proud of you I can not even speak. This blessed my heart and encouraged me! I love you lady!